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Monday, July 27, 2015

The good...the bad....and the UGLY

The Good...The Bad....and The UGLY

Don’t all farmers name their corn crop every year?
Yes this just happened and Rog named his fields for 2015....The Good...the Bad...and The Ugly. It's  the name of one of his favorite western movies that he feels like he is living out for sure this year.
We have had an overabundance of rainfall that has caused our corn, and even our bean fields, to look well...not so good. The pictures below happen to be some of the "good" fields.  However, these pictures were taken on June 29 after all of the rainfall in June.  We had well over 8.56 inches (normal: 4.76 inch for the month of June) according to  Unfortunately, we have gotten a lot more rain in July which has made the “bad” look even worse.

The Good.......

I asked our Agronomist Kyle Brooks at Harvest Land Coop about yield loss at this time and why our corn was yellow.  I knew why it was yellow but me explaining that...well, let’s just let Kyle do the talking since he is the expert!
"It's hard to say what the yield loss to this point is but especially with the rain today (June 26) we could start seeing significant losses. The yellow corn can be caused by many things. I really believe at this point we are looking at slowed root growth caused by anaerobic conditions within the root zone. This decreased root growth then causes nutrient deficiencies, not because the nutrients are not there but we don't have the infrastructure to take the nutrients up. However, with nitrogen’s mobility in the soil, this rain has no doubt potentially caused some problems depending on the program.

The Bad....

  Sadly, the "bad" have only gotten worse.  We are very thankful that we only have about two hundred acres like this and not our entire crop. Some farmers in Northern Indiana don't have anything in the fields now but standing water.  If you ask Rog how long he has been farming he will tell you since he was 4…when his Dad put him on a 8N Ford Tractor.  (He also started driving a self propelled Oliver combine at 9 but that's a story worth telling some other time.)  This year is one for the record books and in his opinion one of the worst due to the impact over the entire state and not just in certain pockets.

Now for the UGLY.....

We hope you have enjoyed DRW Farms episode of "The Good...the Bad and the Ugly Corn Crop 2015."
As the Plot of the movie states...The Good, The Bad and The Ugly must all battle it out to get their hands on $200,000 worth of gold. Mother Nature is our battle this year for sure!

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