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Tuesday, September 8, 2015

It's that time of the year again...

Yes, its that time of year again where all the leaves are starting to change and all the colors are starting to look really pretty for fall.  One of my favorite times of the year because I do love the change during the fall. But another main reason is we get to start HARVEST.  

My mom asked me the other day...(as she does every year) when will you guys be in the field?  Well that can be a million dollar question..If I was a betting person I could win if I could correctly predict that day.  However, what I do know is when Farmer Rog tells me he is going to start on a Monday or a Tuesday it will almost always be two days prior to that.  Always and I mean always be prepared a few days early...Cause its going to happen! 

Now back to the million dollar question.  When are you guys gonna get in the field?  In case you haven't noticed  some of the bean fields have started to turn yellow and some are even ready.  I know for sure four farmers in our area that have already started cutting some early beans.  A sure sign for us is that when these leaves start turning it will be about four weeks before you can cut them. However, with this drier August it may happen to only be 3 weeks this year.  

The other morning our son flew over one of our bean fields with his drone and took some aerial shots.

Now to us this field looks perfectly normal...the right side has started turning and the left side has barely started to turn.  Now you ask...Why are they so different?  Isn't this the same field?  Yes it is the same field.  Well what happened when it was planted we had to use to two different numbers on the type of beans.  The one on the left is a 35-which just simple means longer days to maturity.  Then the one on the right is a 29-which simple means shorter days to maturity. Just a cool shot and thought we would share.  Enjoy your fall and don't forget to check out all the colors of it too.  
This was  few years back but still one of my favorites.

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Day One

Well I have done it! I have created a what do I do?? I hope to figure it all out so you can see all the great people and children I have been busy taking pictures of. I love being able to capture their memories and chapters in each one of their lives. I have especially enjoyed the babies I have gotten to do this winter. They are so precious. I hope you enjoy what I want to share!
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When would be the best time for us to get our photos taken?

The best time to take outside pictures is early morning or later in the afternoon to try and avoid shadows

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FUN! We want to make this a wonderful experience for you!

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