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Sunday, February 15, 2015

Game Day Grub

Game Day Grub

Thursday of this past week we had a home game.  Sometimes my son sends me a text and tells me we have four or five extra guys coming over for the game meal.  So, since our house is only one mile from the school its the easiest to go home to and I usually try to give them a quick easy meal.  Well on this game day the grub that they requested was tacos.  Sometimes I have everything for it and sometimes I do not.  I always have the hamburger as we always freeze a half beef every fall.  But, today I didn't have some of the ingredients so I had to go to our local Dollar General and get some of the needed essentials to make them their tacos.  
I couldn't find the normal taco seasoning we use but found McCormick taco seasoning.  It worked out great and the boys loved it.  The recipe is on the back of the package. I also used some of our home made salsa which is always a big hit. I sometimes add a little bit to the hamburger instead of the whole cup of water that the recipe asks for.  It adds a great flavor.  I didn't do it this time as some kids are picky that way. But, its really good that way and you should try it sometime! I did a double batch to make sure we had enough!

They had plenty and it was an easy quick meal for the hungry basketball boys.  I think we have made this about four times this season and will probably do it again for sectionals.  Its one of the boys favorites and ours too.

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Day One

Well I have done it! I have created a what do I do?? I hope to figure it all out so you can see all the great people and children I have been busy taking pictures of. I love being able to capture their memories and chapters in each one of their lives. I have especially enjoyed the babies I have gotten to do this winter. They are so precious. I hope you enjoy what I want to share!
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